About Us

Mission Statement: 

Our promise at 5280 is to provide you with the highest quality and purest ingredients made from organic and renewable resources.  We make our products fresh, natural, and chemical free for your health and long lasting beauty.

Handcrafted in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado using only fresh, raw, unrefined, natural and/or organic, sustainably harvested, cruelty free, ethically purchased ingredients.

Why Purchase Products From 5280 Naturals?

When it comes to soaps, lotions, lip balms, or scrubs there are hundreds of options.  We are picky about what goes on our bodies (working at bath & beauty products companies will do that to you) and we are just as picky about what goes on yours!

Unlike many of our competitors who use "animal fats", low purity oils, chemicals and synthetics in products advertised as all natural, we use only the "freshest", finest, purest, ingredients originating from organic, natural sources and/or renewable, sustainable resources. Our stated goal is to provide you the highest quality hand, facial, and body products in the marketplace today. While not the least expensive, you can be assured of the freshness, purity and satisfaction that our prices represent.

What Do We Mean By Simple, Pure, Practical?

The "Simple, Pure, Practical" byline was born when we decided that we needed to explain to people "why" or "how" our soaps and lotions are different.  Our soaps and lotions are all made with the highest quality ingredients (Pure) we can buy.  No matter how "pure" most other lotions claim to be, read the label and you will find a lot of chemicals!  OK "Pure" is easy to understand! 

My soaps and lotions are "Simple" without chemicals, synthetics, glycols, etc.  Our butters, creams, and lotions (skin-care products) are formulated to not just smell good, but to bring added benefits.  It may be a skin-firming or anti-aging ingredient, or a particularly lotion that is high in anti-oxidants, or one that is particular soothing.  There is always an end result in mind because we want the products to be simple enough to understand what added benefits you may get from them, as well as practical, something you need and will use. 

My soaps are like Grandma used to make - pure, simple, soap (albeit NOT that harsh) and "practical" (made to be used and enjoyed, not just designed).  There are many soap-makers on the Internet.  It's not difficult to find varieties of fancy soaps embedded with flowers, hearts, stars, and/or intricate designs, or items on the soap's top.  There is no doubt that, although they are beautiful, almost all of these soaps are made with lab dyes and fragrance oils; and many are not practical for use. There is nothing wrong with display-only soaps (some customers display mine), but we wanted our soaps to offer luxury bathing, to be used and enjoyed.  However, can we make specialty boutique soaps such as birthday cupcake soaps, for example?  Yes, by special order. 

If you want us to duplicate a design of something you've seen elsewhere; or something you've used, but can no longer find, just ask.  We will try our best to satisfy, but only if we can ensure that it won't compromise the integrity of our product.   

Our Ingredients

For a complete and comprehensive list of ingredients that we DO use, please visit our Ingredients We Use And Why We Use Them Page.

For a complete and comprehensive list of ingredients that we DO NOT use, please visit our Ingredients We Avoid Page.