Gift Baskets

We have two different ways you can choose a gift basket:

1) We have prepared two gift bags, and three different gift baskets to make it super simple. We have a "Soap & Soap Dish Bag", a "Soap, Soap Dish, and Lotion Gift Bag", a " Bath Gift Basket", a "Skin-Care Beauty Basket", and an "Ultimate Bath & Beauty Basket".

2) Or, If it easier for you to "build your own gift basket", then pick the basket from "Create Your Own" (or find one in Odds N Ends), and select the products you want in the basket - and we'll pack it up for you and mail it out. Want us to send it to your friend in Maine? We'll be happy to do it! Give us their name and address and relax, we've got you covered.

Most gift baskets will ship UPS because of their size, however smaller baskets will ship USPS. An estimate of shipping costs will be given at the time of your order, however, actual shipping costs may not be available until the final package is ready to be shipped.